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Japanese A5 Wagyu is a breed of cattle that is raised in Japan. It is high-quality beef that is considered a delicacy throughout the world. In fact, Japanese wagyu is so popular that it inspired the creation of American and Australian wagyu bloodlines. 

A5 is the highest grade of Japanese beef and is served in many high-class restaurants and steakhouses, so you can expect to pay top dollar for it, especially when buying it fully cooked as part of a meal. While buying Japanese beef fresh and raw at the market is still expensive, it is much more cost effective than getting the same steak served in a restaurant. 

What makes Japanese A5 Wagyu Different 

Simply put, Japanese A5 wagyu is the richest and most buttery beef you could ever hope to taste. If meat could be said to melt in your mouth, then Japanese A5 would be a top contender for doing so. It is so rich that some people tasting it for the first time who are not accustomed to rich foods may receive a shock to their palate. 

And of course, Japanese A5 wagyu is only raised in Japan according to some of the most traditional farming practices still used today. The cattle on a Japanese wagyu farm are extremely well treated, leading stress free lives, eating healthy diets, and given the space to roam free. 

Compare this to “standard” mass-produced beef in which the cows are fed glop and kept in stables most of the time, and you’ll begin to see exactly what makes Japanese beef so special.

Wagyu Beef Comparison Chart (American, Australian, Japanese) 

 American WagyuAustralian Wagyu Japanese Wagyu
Purebred  X
Mixed BreedXX 
Beefy with a buttery flavorXX 
Buttery with a hint of beefiness  X


Lomelo’s came to life out of a desire for a quality of home-cooked food that didn’t exist. Everyone is used to eating frozen meat, even if they’re paying premium prices. We want to change that, to enlighten more customers to the beauty and simplicity of truly fresh food. 

At Lomelo’s we are all about the quality of the meat, and the other food and drink we prepare to our elevated standards. If we detect the slightest imperfection in any cut of beef we receive, we send it back and receive a credit from the butchery. And if anything ever slips past us, we hope our customers will let us know, because they deserve the best with no exception. 

We started out wanting to find the best wagyu beef available, but that’s not where our mission ends… it ends with the most delicious meal you’ve ever tasted. That’s why we also recommend side, wine pairings, and recipes that go perfectly with each and every cut.

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