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American wagyu beef comes from cattle raised in America according to wagyu practices and tradition. While American wagyu cattle are more likely to be a blend of a wagyu breed and a breed native to American soil, the farming practices used to rear them are no less caring. Through a carefully selected diet and a life of low-stress and luxury, American wagyu beef is some of the most marbled and buttery meat on the planet. 

While some purists will certainly prefer traditional Japanese wagyu, those who enjoy American prime grade beef may find their favorite in American wagyu. While American wagyu is exceptionally marbled and flavorful, it tends to be a bit heavier and “beefier” than its Japanese counterpart. This preference will depend on the consumer’s palate, but if you enjoy quality American beef - wagyu is the best American beef on the market.

What makes American Wagyu Different

The primary differences between American wagyu beef and its surviving ancestor Japanese wagyu beef are in the cattle’s bloodlines as well as the farming methods. In terms of flavor, Japanese wagyu tends to have a more pure “buttery” flavor, whereas American wagyu combines this butteriness with a beefiness familiar to anyone with a standard American diet. 

The wagyu cattle in Japan are known to be purebreds, while American wagyu cattle are almost always a blend of one of the traditional Japanese bloodlines with a breed native to North America. Because of this the definition of what is and isn’t wagyu beef is much more strict in Japan than it is in the United States. 

Farming methods differ as well, both from farm to farm and from country to country. Because most wagyu farmers are extremely secretive about their methods, it’s difficult to say for sure exactly what is the same or different from one farm to the next. The common factors, however, are that the cattle are extremely well cared for and fed on a healthier diet than most beef cattle.

Wagyu Beef Comparison Chart (American, Australian, Japanese)

 American WagyuAustralian Wagyu Japanese Wagyu
Purebred  X
Mixed BreedXX 
Beefy with a buttery flavorXX 
Buttery with a hint of beefiness  X

About Lomelo's Meat Market 

Lomelo’s came to life out of a desire for a quality of home-cooked food that didn’t exist. Everyone is used to eating frozen meat, even if they’re paying premium prices. We want to change that, to enlighten more customers to the beauty and simplicity of truly fresh food.

At Lomelo’s we are all about the quality of the meat, and the other food and drink we prepare to our elevated standards. If we detect the slightest imperfection in any cut of beef we receive, we send it back and receive a credit from the butchery. And if anything ever slips past us, we hope our customers will let us know, because they deserve the best with no exception.

We started out wanting to find the best wagyu beef available, but that’s not where our mission ends… it ends with the most delicious meal you’ve ever tasted. That’s why we also recommend side, wine pairings, and recipes that go perfectly with each and every cut.

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