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Lomelo's Seafood & Caviar

What makes our sea food different? 

Lomelo's seafood selection includes fresh fish and shellfish, bringing you the flavors of the ocean. We offer the highest quality seafood, which like our wagyu beef is never frozen. You’ll be able to taste the superior quality of our fresh seafood every time to sit down to dine.

The value of freshness cannot be understated when it comes to seafood. But in addition to freshness, we also have a great variety of products for you to choose from. 

Whether you want a fresh shrimp salad or a tasty tuna sandwich, you’ll find something to suit your palate at Lomelo’s. The vast expanses of the sea offer many nutritious delights that you may not have ever tasted if you’re more of a beef eater. While not as hearty and certainly not as marbled and buttery as our wagyu beef, the coral reefs are home to many choice delights.


Lomelo’s came to life out of a desire for a quality of home-cooked food that didn’t exist. Everyone is used to eating frozen meat, even if they’re paying premium prices. We want to change that, to enlighten more customers to the beauty and simplicity of truly fresh food. 

At Lomelo’s we are all about the quality of the meat, and the other food and drink we prepare to our elevated standards. If we detect the slightest imperfection in any cut of beef we receive, we send it back and receive a credit from the butchery. And if anything ever slips past us, we hope our customers will let us know, because they deserve the best with no exception. 

We started out wanting to find the best wagyu beef available, but that’s not where our mission ends… it ends with the most delicious meal you’ve ever tasted. That’s why we also recommend side, wine pairings, and recipes that go perfectly with each and every cut.

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